Healthy living entrepreneur Sharon Bruckman launched the first Natural Awakenings magazine in Naples, Florida in 1994 in response to a strong local holistic health community and thousands of seekers eager to connect with each other. The magazine was an immediate success and a second edition soon followed in Sarasota.

The Natural Awakenings Publishing Corporation (NAPC) was then founded in 1999 as a franchising business and today the company is 90 markets strong and growing. Each month Natural Awakenings takes a practical look at the latest natural approaches to nutrition, fitness, personal growth, creative expression and sustainable living, and reaches nearly 4 million readers nationwide.

“We love to spread light,” smiles Bruckman. “We rejoice that the wellness revolution I saw emerging all those years ago is now in full swing, propelled by the kind of people who read our magazines. Natural Awakenings speaks to them, and the authentic beauty of their lives lets us know how we’re doing. This give-and-take sweetens and enlivens the journey for everyone.”

Atlanta Franchise

Welcome dear reader. My name is Paul Chen and I am the new publisher of Natural Awakenings Atlanta as of January 2017. The first issue under my editorial direction appeared several months later in April.

The best introduction I can provide is my first Letter From The Publisher, which I reprint below. It is my sincere hope that I have the good fortune and privilege to meet many of you as we continue our lives journeys, awakening and fulfilling the awesome potential that lies within.

Letter From The Publisher, April 2017

This is personal. Awakenings always are.

My debut issue as publisher of Atlanta’s Natural Awakenings magazine has been a long time coming; almost a year, not to mention the many years that my interest in it has been held in check. “For everything there is a season, ” goes the song. The time has come, and this transition from marketing consultant to publisher is an awakening in itself.

Not all significant changes are awakenings. An awakening is a call – and response – to our limitless potential. We can undergo major changes in life – health, career, partner, domicile, financial circumstance – and remain exactly the same throughout: same philosophy, same perspectives, same behavior. To awaken, however, is to become conscious of something that we wish to change about our- selves and summon the courage and fortitude needed to effect that change.

Such recognition often occurs within an evolving concept of self that seeks personal growth along the lines of greater wisdom, increased love and compassion, a desire for more harmony with all creatures and circumstances and a yearning to fulfill the promise of our short and precious lives.

My own journey has accelerated over the last several years. Heart, mind, body and soul: no domain has been left untouched, though most of my work has been with the heart and soul. But these domains are not mutually exclusive, and it is often the case that an awakening in one triggers an awakening in another. My intention and mission as a publisher is to connect you that are awakening in Atlanta to the information, resources, opportunities and people that can assist you on your path and accelerate your progress.

Natural Awakenings has always focused on increasing the vibrance of our bodies through natural foods and natural health, and these topics will continue to be our source of strength. My intention in our journey together is to widen the scope of coverage, adjusting to how you, our readers, react to different offerings. Awakenings of the heart speak to our desire for deeper and stronger personal relation- ships. Awakenings of the mind speak to our desire to learn more, faster, and optimize our mental capacities. Awakenings of the soul speak to our desire to develop greater love and compassion for all living beings equally and an increasing understanding of, and connection with, whatever it is we believe lies beyond our small, individual human selves.

To make this publication the best it can be, I need your feedback on the content you find most helpful. I invite you, dear reader, to reach out to me at any time to let me know what you think and how you feel about anything in our magazine. With the desire to help as many people as possible as quickly as possible, your input is essential; let’s start talking now. My email address is

This hunger, this searching, these revelations that we seek, are universal. Awakenings always are.

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